Push Notifications are now available

New feature 1 week ago Magnus Singer, Founder

You can now recieve push notifications right to your browser when your Posts get up- or downvoted as well as they get commented. You get also notified when someone connects with you! Hope you enjoy.

Add own Links

New feature 2 months ago Magnus Singer, Founder

Add links outside the Index to the Linkbox and allow others to access your individual links.

Create Posts

New feature 2 months ago Magnus Singer, Founder

Repost posts from Instagram or Twitter and show yourself at your best. In addition, you can write Chestry posts, which are a mixture of text, links and lists. Create a profile like never before by combining postings from different platforms on one page.

Changelog is live

New feature 5 months ago Magnus Singer, Founder

We proudly present you our new changelog! With the help of changelogify (https://changelogify.com), we can handle the development process more transparently. Everything we do will be written down here so you can see what changes. Enjoy watching Chestry getting better and if you have something you want to share with us, feel free to contact the Chestry Support at support@chestry.com